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If The Shoe Fits

Do your shoes fit? Do you have red spots on your feet at the end of the day? Maybe your shoes rub somewhere or move up and down on your heel when you walk. We all have shoes we think look great but about an hour after we get to work, we remember why we haven’t worn them in a while. Next time you are in line at the grocery store, look around you. Is there a man wearing flip flops with an extra 2 inches at the back? Is there a woman wearing a pair of high heels that flop up and down as she pushes her cart through the parking lot? Weight loss or gain, injury, pregnancy and just getting older can change what our feet need!


I recently served a retired couple who have been long-time customers of mine. Laura and John take several trips a year all over the world and walk many miles on these trips.

I met Laura and John several years ago when Laura had an ankle injury that put her in a foot and ankle brace she had to wear until surgery. The brace was large enough she could not wear any shoes she already owned. I assured her the brace is something I am used to working with as my teenage niece has worn one since she was a toddler. I had a few tricks up my sleeve for getting a great fit. She put her faith in me that I would be able to find something she could wear. I fit her in a pair of New Balance walking shoes in a wide width and a tall toe box. Laura left that day with a smile and a pair of shoes that fit her properly.

When Laura and John came in last week, Laura was looking for shoes for an upcoming trip to Russia. She wears a size 11 (very common, ladies!) and wanted a pair of sandals and a pair of walking shoes that didn’t look like sneakers. I made a mental checklist of what I needed her shoes to do for her: have a tall toe box or a stretch fabric (hammer toes on both feet), have a round toe box (bunion on right foot), be adjustable (laces or velcro to accommodate swelling during travel). I pulled Naot, Birkenstock, Aetrex, Clarks, Oofos and Ecco.

As we worked, John joined us. Laura mentioned she didn’t think his shoes fit him properly. I asked John if I could measure his feet. After he slipped off his shoes, I checked the size he had on. John was wearing a 13 wide. Using the Brannock device, I measured both of his feet and determined he should be wearing a 12 narrow. I found two pairs of Sperrys that were a great fit and though he did not come in with the intent of purchasing, he bought both pairs of shoes because they felt good. And Laura told him to.

As my couple left the store (7 pairs total!) I felt great about each pair of shoes in their bags. I knew they had been properly sized and then fitted with their individual needs in mind. Their next trip will be a comfortable one!

If the shoe fits, wear it! If not, let us measure you at Phillips Shoes. It’s the first step toward making your feet feel good!